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2110SMD LED strip

2110 700LED Strip

- 2110SMD LED, Size 2.1x1.0mm
- 700LED per meter, Single Row
- C.R.1.:  Ra>90, Ra >95
- DC 12V , DC 24V
-  R9 > 60
- Color: 1700K, 1800K, 2000K, 2200K, 2500K, 2700K, 3000K, 3200K, 3500K, 4000K, 4200K, 5000K, 6000K and Red color, Green color, Blue color, Pink
    This is innovation LED Flexible Strip for 2110 SMD assembled LED based on 2216SMD LED strip, which has better working ability and stable quality in end user and installation. The 2110SMD LED strip is able to be bent for many times and won’t snap easily. The small body 2110SMD LED gives perfect lighting for aluminum LED linear lighting. Such as Easinghome 7x17mm U type LED alum small body 2.1x1.0mm super tiny LED, 2110SMD LED could be placed ensely, thus having concentrated lighting effect and higher power. Easinghome 700LED per meter 2110SMD is already dots-free for most of regular LED aluminum profile. 
    2110SMD small body enables for 60LED/120LED/180LED/240LED/280LED/300LED/350LED/700LED max per meter. Color is available from 1800K – 10000k. each C.T has one Bin code only from Refond LED factory. CRI 90+ could give life more natural to real sun day light, give color more beautiful and give true life to us. Easinghome LED is able to offer test report for each of your production and give good recomemdation on easinghome led aluminum profile and silicon neon flex, such as easinghome 4x10mm silicon flex works perfectly with 2110 180LED strip. Dots free and super slim lighting. 
    2110SMD LED flexible strip could be great choice to replace 2216SMD led strip, or 2835SMD, 3528SMD ect. Compared in some other reason. 


    PCB Drawing of EASINGHOME 2110SMD 700LED/m strip


    SMD P/N LED QTY (PCS/M) Mini Cut Manufacturer PCB Size(mm) PowerW/M LED Brand Color
    2110 FLW2110-24308-CCT 308LEDs         1-row 14LED @ 4.55CM EASING HOME LED 8mm PCB 10.56W Refond CCT
    2110 FLW2110-24060-WW/WH 60LEDs         1-row 6LED @ 10CM EASING HOME LED 8 mm PCB 2.4W Refond 1800K                     2300K                     2700K                    3000K                    4000K                   5000K              6500K    
    2110 FLW2110-24120-WW/WH 120LEDs         1-row 6LED @ 5CM EASING HOME LED 8 mm PCB 4.8W Refond
    2110 FLW2110-24180B-WW/WH 180LEDs         1-row 6LED @ 3.34CM EASING HOME LED 6 mm PCB 8W Refond
    2110 FLW2110-24240-WW/WH 240LEDs         1-row 6LED @ 2.5CM EASING HOME LED 10mm PCB 14W Refond
    2110 FLW2110-24280B-WW/WH 280LEDs         1-row 7LED @2.5CM EASING HOME LED 4 mm PCB 8W Refond
    2110 FLW2110-24280-WW/WH 280LEDs         1-row 7LED @2.5CM EASING HOME LED 10mm PCB 14W Refond
    2110 FLW2110-24300-WW/WH 300LEDs         1-row 6LED @ 2.0CM EASING HOME LED 10mm PCB 18W Refond
    2110 FLW2110-24350-WW/WH 350LEDs         1-row 7LED @2.0CM EASING HOME LED 10mm PCB 18W Refond
    2110 FLW2110-24700-WW/WH 700LEDs         1-row 7LED @1.0CM EASING HOME LED 10mm PCB 19.2W Refond

    Puting 2110SMD 700LED strip into Easinghome LED Aluminum profile ALP002


    2110 SMD LED STRIP connection: non-dimmable and dimmable

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