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Quality System

LED is the most important source for lighting, for this part, we always insist on ONE BIN ONLY for all your orders (today and tomorrow). You will always receive reliable color consistency for your LED productsl. Even if you want to make some supliment order for your pending project, you can also 100% surely receive same color LED products from LEDHOME.

ALL LED Material has been highly controlled for high quality brand to offer you high end quality products.

Factory test -  LED Strip 

1.High voltage testing 
High voltage testing will be made in accordance with different quality request.  HI-POT testing AC2750V 60Seconds
10Seconds ON/OFF testing 100000times

2.Vibration testing 

We will take samples from every production lot and make simulated automobile vibration testing;
 the testing continues for 3 hours with two different vibration models (horizontal and vertical).  300rounds/ min.

After testing, the structure and function must be good, and the product must work well when connecting with the power. 
At the same time, our quality department will take long-term aging testing on products with destructive testing, in order to collect the information of product stability. 

3. Aging testing 

6000 hours aging testing is a must for all products before shipment; 
10Seconds ON/OFF testing 100000times;

4. Dropping testing

We will take samples from every production lot and make dropping testing. our worker will knock the strip by hand and testing the color of each LED on the PCB one by one.
After testing, there must be NO broken on mechanical part, NO exposure of wire, and the product must work well when connecting with the power. 
At the same time, our quality department will take long-term aging testing on products with destructive testing, in order to collect the information of product stability.   

5. Other testing
 Constant Humidity & Temper testing -   Put waterproof strip working in constant humidity & temper testing box in 95% humidity and and 45degree in 2hours. then test the strip quality ability;