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Hong Kong Spring Lighting Exhibition 2019 ( 3C-D28)

Time:2019-03-07 Views:40
Belive you will find something new on our booth. 

- 2110led strip series in 60led/m, 120led/m, 240led/m, 300led/m, 350led/m, 380led/m, 500led/m, 700led/m in pcb 10mm, 6mm and 4mm pcb;
- 2835 full specturm led strip cri >98, R1-R15 >90, we also call it sunlike led strip;
- 3838 slim led cct led strip in 120led per meter. make your slim color temperature led linear light;
- 3838 slim 5mm pcb rgb led strip, to make your slim rgb led linear light;
-  super bright output lumen led strip 210lm/w 4000lm/m led strip;
- dim to warm led strip 
- silicon flex tube in various size, slim size 4x10mm only;
- silicon neon flex in various size. slim size 5x8mm only;
- cube led 1919smd, five side lighting 180degree beam angel led stirp. 150lm/led. makes 240led per meter, reach 3000lm/meter