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choose your silicon flex neon tube here for DIY neon lighting and signs lighting

Time:2019-07-31 Views:1704
what we can do for you on silicon neon lighting and signs lighting?

Welcome your visit to our ledhome silicone Flexible Neon Light, it has super flexible lamp body and is produced by automated machinery extrusion molding, with environmentally friendly FOOD-GRADE high quality silicone material (also available for silicone UL94 V0, UL94 HB), that is high request for flame-proof grade. It can withstand extrusion up to 360 degrees, easy to bend when used, safe and reliable. The flexible body is waterproof IP65, can be cut into small units of 2.5cm, 5cm,10cm and 1m at different working voltage, pls contact ledhome for led flexible strip source, and we always accept OEM if you have nice ideal. LED Neon Flex is easily to bend into variety of letters, graphics and shapes according to customers’ demand and ideas, as well as the installation of led neon is simple and convenient, so it is a new trend of outdoor and indoor linear decoration lighting. The brightness is more significant than the glass neon light.

With LED Technology and new structure of silicon tube, automatic extrusion on the silicon flex tube, we have our QC team and technology people to check the size and light transmission in every 2hours, once we have found the problem. The production will be stopped immediately until we get the quality standard (pls contact us for the quality checking chart), trust we could make you the brand silicon flex tube since we have already had experience and standard on OEM for big company. our LED Flexible Neon Lights are super bright and durable. anti-fog, anti-UV radiation. CE/RoHS 3 Reach certificated for all neon lines and silicon tube. We only produce trusted and reasonable priced led neon lights for all customers.  at present we have 4lines automatice extrusion machine to make different silicon tube for clients, mass production quantity and fast delivery for your request. 

Why recommend DIYNEON?

1. Easy maintenance;
2. Stock cost saving;
3. Free choice on length at site;
4. Long length running and delivery cost save compared with LED alu profile.
5. Straight and soft linear leading to any corner you need for application.
6. Cost saving on new customized design.
7. Production lead time 0-1days.

Silicon tube size choce:

Features & advantages of flex silicon neon

Silicone glue has many advantages: environment-friendly, non-toxic, high and low temperature, anti-acid and alkali, anti-uv yellow, soft, flexible, long life, good transmittance…

1) Excellent weather resistance:

It can be used in 50 to 150 for a long-term without embrittlement, deformation, softening, aging

2) Prominent Anti-UV ability

It able to be exposed to strong sunlight for over 5 years without yellowing and aging.

3)Strong corrosion resistance:

It resist the corrosion of acid, alkali and salt. Can be used in seaside, chemical plant, refueling station, yacht environment or facilities.

4)High transmittance:

90% high transmittance of the silica gel reduce the optical loss of neon light.

5) Unique plasticity:

As its material is solid silica gel, which can be formed into various shapes and internal structures by mold.

6) Super tear resistance:

After the completion of sulfide can bear any torn by hand, without damaged or deformation

7) Good thermal conductivity:

Silicon neon thermal conductivity is 0.27w /MK, while the thermal conductivity of PVC is 0.14w /MK.

UL94 V0 and UL94 HB Silicon tube flame testing and more video as below: