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key test reports for COB LED strip

Time:2020-04-17 Views:417

Quality is always safe under testing,
all the new products we put onto market will passed different quality testing such as twist testing, tensile testing, high temperature testing, low temperature testing, high humidity testing, bending testing. voltage drop testing. heat testing. and so on.

We have facing some questions from clients why your products price is higher than others? 
Besides the raw material we have had strict control, we take the responsibility to give quality and trustable products for you. Here we have taken almost for 4months on testing the COB LED strip performance. You always deserve good quality and trustable business. pls contact us for test report, or you can contact us to make testing for you. you enjoy freely for our laboratory.

What you have worried about is what we are clearing it for you. Based over 10year‘ experience on led strip or we call it led source production, you can always receive care-free products from us. If you have been just watching on bysides to our products, you can get free sample from us for testing. if you are the first time to know us, you can contact our professional sales for more technic service. if you only want to start on this, we have engineer to serve you.

This video is worthy to watch, do not miss it.
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