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seamless fast connector of led strip

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"The success of the product is its accessory", do you agree? here we recommend you this accessory for your led flexible strip and led linear lighting assemble. No color shift, seamless and quick-click connector for all the led strip you have used. there is no limitation on the LED type, and no limiatation on the LED Qty per meter. The only easy way is to choose the right PCB type. we have it choice for 10mm pcb strip, 8mm pcb strip and 6mm pcb strip. trust this already could fit your most request, correct? To understand more about the crystal seamless connector, we can check more videos as below:

Can we use the fast connector for mini PCB?
Mr LEDHOME:  Yes, you can reach fast and seamless connection for your 6mm PCB LED strip. such as 6mm COB LED strip, 6mm 2835SMD LED strip, 6mm 2216SMD LED strip, 6mm 2210SMD LED strip, 6mm 3014SMD LED strip ect. o not worry, no limitation on the LED type. free application!

How do we do the fast connection strip to strip and strip to wire?
Mr LEDHOME: you can reach free jointing for strip to strip, and strip to power wire feed. But pls do remember to make the right direction for " +"  and " - "

Can we use this fast connector for 3528SMD, 5050SMD LED strip?
Mr LEDHOME: the first ideal design on this accessory, we have considered its wide application not just for one type led strip, such as 3528smd led strip, 2835smd led strip, 5050smd led strip, 2216smd led strip, 2210smd led strip, 1808smd led strip, 3014smd led strip, 5630smd led strip,3535smd led strip,1919smd led strip and cob led strip;

Can we use for high density led strip, such as 300led per meter strip or more?
Mr LEDHOME:  it is designed for COB LED fast connector and for high density led strip. You can feel free to use, even 700led per meter strip can also reach quick connection with this crystal connector;

Can we put this crystal connector into the led aluminum profile?
it has slim body design. CFC-06-2 dimension 16.25x8.2x4mm ( for 6mm pcb strip), CFC-08-2 dimension 16.25x10x4mm (for 8mm pcb strip) and CFC-10-2 dimension 16.25x12x4mm (for 10mm PCB strip). in the below video we have tried with thte very popular led profile ALP002 (12.5mmx7mm). 


What‘s the advantage for this crystal fast connector?
Mr LEDHOME:  seamless fast connection, no limitaion on led qty per meter for the led strip, no color shift. no limiation for led strip type, you can use all kinds of SMD LED strip and also for COB LED strip. and you can do free application into led profile wihout darkness at all. here is the video we have compare with the hippo fast connector and crystal connector.

Does the crystal fast connector stable and strong quality? 
this crystal fast connector is punched into the PCB by clicking it. no need worry about the fasten or loosen when making instalaltion. here is the video we have done force testing.

For more details, pls contact us freely. Samples ready to ship for you.

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