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Why choose the silicon flex profile for LED neon flex?

Time:2018-01-09 Views:457

Why choose the silicon tube for waterproof LED Neon Flex?


1. flexible service to different clients request. if you have neon flex stock, what about your clients does not like the power or color ect? you can not change the strip inside;

2. Save stock cost. to stock LED neon flex is 3times or more than stock the silicon tube.

3. Easier for after-sale repairing. once the strip inside broken. you can change strip conveniently.

4. Customized size and your cost budget is also welcomed to contact us...

5. Fast lead time for silicon tube than LED neon flex. Extrusion Machine in factory could produce 100000meter per a day.

6. Safe for delivery... its free bendable silicon tube. it will be less damage unless fire.


Features of silicon flex tube profile:


Topview and Side view optional

max 50meter per roll;

Size options: 4X10mm, 6X12mm, 10X10mm, 12X12mm, 10X18mm, 10X20mm, 16X16mm,20X14mm ect...

Anti-Uv, Anti corrision, Flame-proof...

Will not turn hard and yellow for outside application